About me

My story so far

Hello, I’m Laurien De Grande, a photographer and graphic designer. The passion for designing started in my childhood. I was always fascinated by drawing and painting animals, later on I started sketching people too. After my education as a graphic designer I can tell you I really love this creative world. Through my training as a designer I’ve become more integrated in making designs, corporate identities, websites, …

While designing, I noticed that making a good design wasn’t the only thing that could make an identity of a company powerful. Photography plays a very big role in this too. So I decided to start a course of photography. And damn there I found my purpose. Capturing lifetime moments and sharing these with people gives so much satisfaction.

“Photography is an immediate reaction, drawing is a meditation”

Henri Cartier-Bresson

My passion

I always liked taking pictures but I never was that dedicated as I am now. Capturing people became one of my favourites. But when I started photographing horses it became something different, something more me. As a horsewoman I understand these animals quite well and can bring them in front of the camera in a comfortable way. I love to portray them as they are, strong and beautiful creatures. Also the connection between the horse and rider is something I like to picture.

With my photos I want to take people on a journey and create something unique for them, in a way they can look back to with a satisfying feeling. Combining photos with a matching design for an invitation or website will bring you more in the spotlight!

I’ve made my dreams come true, and now I want to help realize yours. I love to create, with a camera, computer or just with my pencil. My mission is to make beautiful work that delight.


I’d love to work together and hear all about your project!

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